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Make your website work for your business

Posted July 2014.

So you already have a website. It is nicely designed, has a good layout and seems to be appealing to those who stumble across it.

However, is it really reaching its potential? Is it bringing in the right kind of traffic that it should? At iAdControl, we believe that every website has the potential to rise to the top of SERPs, but the majority of websites fail because they neither have effective SEO or web analytics to improve on. This is why we are so committed to these two aspects of web design – you can have the best-looking website on the Internet but with no exposure it will just go unnoticed.

Promoting your website smartly

SEO is as alive as ever in 2014. Essentially correct Search Engine Optimisation is the key to the right people finding your website; the better optimised your website, the more chance there is of a user seeing it if they put a relevant search term into Google.

We can optimise and provide consultation on any web page to ensure that your website is optimised for search engine crawlers to find it and for users to access it. SEO these days needs to be done a lot smarter than before. It includes using long tail keywords for more specifically targeted visitors, keyword research to find out which keywords work for your website, and then incorporating this into your website for maximum exposure. Basically, utilising SEO is marketing that is done behind the scenes; it might not be flashy graphics and videos but it is highly effective.

"Over 2.6 billion local searches are performed monthly and that number grows more than 50% each year."
(Small Business Community, 2013).

Monitoring what works and what doesn’t

In addition to getting your website the exposure it needs for success, we also help to monitor your website analytics. This means installing Google Analytics on every page to keep a track of the number of visitors, where they are coming from, how long they stay there and what forms of advertising work.

There is no point in implementing a marketing campaign if you don’t keep track of it. With analytics you can plainly see what works and what doesn’t and then adapt and adjust your marketing and the techniques used to target traffic to reflect this. SEO is all well and good however without proper analysis of the data it generates then it won’t be at optimum effectiveness.

Web design isn’t just about art

Creating and maintaining a successful website doesn’t just consist of graphics and a well-laid out web page.

The behind the scenes work of incorporating SEO and then monitoring its success are just as important as having a website that is aesthetically pleasing to your visitors. We know this and that is why we are committed to SEO and monitoring website analytics in addition to providing social media integration for enhanced exposure.

If you want a website that works for you and your business then you need all these aspects combined; at iAdControl we know exactly how to implement this.

Make your website work for you with SEO

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